Audubon Pain Management Doctors

The Corda Pain Institute in Cherry Hill is your established choice when seeking Audubon pain management doctors. Our professionals have been serving the residents of Camden County now for over three decades, with advanced medicinal and non-invasive treatments for back and neck pain, accident injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and more. We will accurately diagnose the cause of your pain symptoms, and work with you on choosing the best treatment. We are fully focused on your health and your quality of life.

Our Pain Management Services for Audubon Residents

Our doctors offer a variety of pain treatment services for Audubon residents, including:

Facet Injections. The facet joint between the vertebrae in the back keeps spine movement stabilized and limits its motion. With a facet joint injection, it’s easier to pinpoint treating the pain. Corda can help you overcome chronic lower back pain with an effective and precise injection, and we can put you on an exercise program to help regain your normal function again.

Spinal Cord Stimulation. Our spinal cord stimulation procedure involves temporarily implanting an electrode device into the spinal column. This device interferes with pain signals and helps to reduce pain. If the trial basis implant is successful, we can work with you on a surgical implantation for continued relief.

Nerve Block and Epidural Injections. An inflamed epidural cavity can be a source of severe pain in the back and beyond. Epidural and nerve block injections into this cavity can reduce pain symptoms and inflammation and promote healing. Our epidural injection procedures are proven to be safe, and you can choose local or full anesthesia during the procedure.

Pain Management Medicine. We offer a variety of other solutions to reduce your pain symptoms, including non-narcotic medications, but sometimes a narcotic may be necessary. If this is the case, we will inform you on all of the risks and ensure that you are taking the lowest possible dosage.

The Corda Pain Institute offers these pain management services and others to help you overcome your chronic pain and enjoy your life again, while always being careful to protect your health. We also offer telemedicine options if you are unable to physically visit our facility.

Let the professionals at Corda Pain Institute be the answer to your search for Audubon pain management doctors. Reach out to us today or click here to schedule an appointment and get started. We can help you live a life you deserve to live again.