New Jersey Center for Nerve Block Epidural Injections

At the Corda Pain Institute, we are an established New Jersey center for nerve block epidural injections. We provide safe and effective injections to help you overcome persistent back pain problems.

The epidural cavity is the space surrounding the spinal cord extending from the neck to the tailbone. Inside this space are nerves which can cause pain when inflamed. Inflamed nerves can result in arm, chest wall, or leg pain.

Injection of a steroid solution where the problem lies can relieve inflammation, lessen pain, and promote healing. Traditional epidural injections involve placing a steroid solution into the epidural canal around the discs and nerves. Nerve block epidurals (transforaminal steroid injections) involve placing a steroid solution on one particular nerve. The nerve itself is injected as it exits the spine. This approach is particularly helpful for arm or leg pain.

The procedure itself is quite safe. You can be either asleep through anesthesia, or it can be done with you being awake using a numbing medication at the injection site. Complications are rare, and are generally limited to soreness at the injection site for which ice application can usually ease the symptoms.

Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment and find out more about nerve block epidural injections, and whether you think it may work for you. We have offices throughout New Jersey, and you can schedule your appointment at the one nearest you.