New Jersey Center for Auto and Workplace Injuries

If you or a loved one has experienced an injury from a car or workplace accident, reach out to us. At Corda Pain Institute, we are a state licensed New Jersey center for auto and workplace injuries. We treat victims of accidents who are suffering from back or neck injuries as a result of the experience. We offer surgical and non-surgical treatment options to help people overcome the pain and live their lives normally.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident or workplace accident, you don’t know need to be told how devastating the experience can be. In addition to all of the trauma of the incident, accidents can cause great and lasting damage to muscles, nerves and ligaments. In many cases, sometimes due to the initial shock, victims may not feel pain immediately, but it can emerge over time and grow into a chronic condition.

Injuries from car and workplace accidents can include herniated disks, whiplash, and spinal damage, all of which can result in excessive back pain among other problems. If you are suffering from injury-related pain, don’t wait to have it treated in the hopes that the pain will go away. It is far more likely to become worse over time.

At Corda Pain Institute, we offer a variety of treatments for your injuries, including regenerative treatments, epidural and facet injections, medical pain management and more. We will diagnose the damage caused by your injury and the cause of your pain, and work with you to find the most effective treatment and management of your pain.

If an accident-caused injury has resulted in pain that is disrupting your life, reach out to us today for an appointment.