Barrington Pain Management Doctors

At the Corda Pain Institute in Cherry Hill, we are your proven choice for Barrington pain management doctors. We are located a short distance away from you, and we have been helping Camden County residents overcome chronic pain for over 35 years. We treat multiple pain conditions including back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, accident injuries and more. We carefully diagnose your condition, and discuss treatment options that suit your needs and desires. Our top priority is always your health.

Our Barrington Pain Management Services

We provide multiple types of pain treatments for Barrington residents, including:

Facet Injections. Your facet joint overlaps between the back’s vertebrae and limits spinal movement while stabilizing the spine. With a facet joint injection, we can more effectively pinpoint the source of your lower back pain and help you overcome it. Our facet injections are pain-free, and we can work with you on an exercise program that restores your function.

Spinal Cord Stimulation. We can place a temporary electrode device in your spinal column to interfere with pain signals and minimize your pain. Our spinal cord stimulation is done on a trial basis at first, and the device can be fully surgically implanted if proven to be effective.

Nerve Block and Epidural. If the epidural cavity becomes inflamed, it can be a cause of severe pain. Our epidural injections go directly into the cavity and work to reduce inflammation, decrease the pain and help your body to heal. You can have your epidural injection performed with local or full anesthesia, and our injections are safe and effective.

Pain Management Medications. We do everything possible using non-narcotic pain medications and techniques to help you overcome your pain, but if a narcotic is necessary, we fully discuss the risks with you and ensure that you are using the lowest and safest dosage possible.

Corda Pain Institute offers these services and more to help you safely and effectively overcome your chronic pain and live your life again. We also offer telemedicine options if you have trouble physically accessing our facility.

Let us help you reclaim your life again…we are your destination for Barrington pain management doctors. Contact us today or click here to get started with an appointment. You can life the pain-free life that you deserve.