New Jersey Center for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you are experiencing the pain and struggles associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, we can help. Corda Pain Institute is a licensed New Jersey center for treating victims of carpal tunnel syndrome. We care for patients who are suffering with a wide variety of treatments, including medicinal and injection options. We help you overcome the pain and difficulty caused by carpal tunnel syndrome and live your life normally again.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is known for various symptoms, including numbness and tingling in the thumb and fingers, sometimes accompanied with pain when severe enough. The symptoms can often be more severe at night, and may require a chronic carpal tunnel sufferer to wear a brace while sleeping.

CTS can have a number of causes, although genetics and one’s work profession can play a role. It can be caused by a wrist injury or be a by-product of rheumatoid arthritis. In the workplace, it is currently being investigated whether repetitive tasks or excessive vibrations can be a cause.

Whatever the cause, if you’re suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, it isn’t fun. The numbness in your fingers can not only be distracting and painful, it can make it difficult to type, perform daily tasks, or even sleep.

We can help you manage the pain, change behaviors and provide treatments to help you live your life normally again. If you are suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome, reach out to the Corda Pain Institute today and schedule an appointment with our licensed physicians.