Egg Harbor City Pain Management Doctors

Living in pain is a life-altering challenge. Back pain, neck discomfort, carpal tunnel, or injuries from an accident—can unexpectedly or predictably derail your daily routine. But thankfully, there’s hope at Corda Pain Institute. We’re your answer for Egg Harbor City pain management doctors – call us when you’re ready to start with the most effective treatment options.

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Feel like yourself again with pain relief from the Egg Harbor City area’s finest pain management doctors.

Corda Pain Institute’s board-certified physicians have over 90 years of hands-on experience easing pain for patients like you. They’re experts at identifying the least invasive methods for each condition, and your treatment begins when you’re informed about the variety of treatment approaches and comfortable with how you choose to proceed. Options include:

  • Facet Injections
  • Spinal cord stimulation
  • Nerve block epidural injections
  • Medical pain management
  • Stem cell treatments
  • CBD and cannabis treatments

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Insurance and Telemedicine

We’re in network with most major insurance carriers, including Medicare, Aetna, American Health, Human, Oscar, and United plans. Check your benefits to see if your coverage includes telemedicine because Corda Pain Institute is here for you, even if you’re not with us.

Our telemedicine appointments are secure, private, and as thorough as in-person visits.

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Preparing for Your First Appointment:

Get a head start on your visit to our New Jersey pain management clinics by downloading the new patient form to complete and to your appointment. Or arrive 15 minutes early to fill it out at the clinic.

Also, bring your:

Personal Identification: A valid driver’s license or state photo identification (ID) card.

Relevant Medical Records: Relevant laboratory test reports (x-rays, scans, etc.) from other physicians, hospitals, or healthcare providers.

List of Questions and Concerns: Whatever you want to discuss about your condition and treatment with your Corda Pain Institute physician during your visit.

Health Insurance Card: Such a standard request that it’s probably already in your wallet or phone, but just a reminder!

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Chronic pain isn’t a waiting game—it’s a call to action. Partner with your Corda Pain Institute physician to identify the source of your pain and the best way to stop it. Your journey to relief starts with a choice: the decision to work with the safest, most respected, and code-compliant Egg Harbor pain management doctors.

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