Egg Harbor Township Pain Management Doctors

If your chronic back or neck pain has taken over your life, or if a workplace injury is keeping you from being productive, it’s time for you to take action. Contact the professionals at Corda Pain Institute in Somers Point today. Our convenient facility on U.S. Route 9 is your destination when you’re in need of Egg Harbor Township pain management doctors. Our professional physicians meet with you, determine the cause of your pain, and offer advanced treatments that work.

The Corda Pain Institute is a long established treatment provider throughout New Jersey. We have been helping residents overcome their pain for over 35 years. When you meet with us, we’ll fully diagnose your problem, and discuss multiple types of treatments with you. You can choose from a more conservative approach, or try a modern, advanced pain treatment.

Contact us when you need help with severe back or neck pain, are living with carpal tunnel syndrome, or are struggling with injuries from a workplace or vehicular accident. Our pain treatments are proven and safe. They include facet injections, epidural injections, and spinal cord stimulation. If we prescribe a medicinal treatment, we will be very careful to both fully educate you on the risks of addiction, and ensure that your dosage is as low as possible.

While our facility is convenient and close to where you live, we understand that some residents can’t make the trip. That’s why we offer fully remote appointments. Our online appointments are completely safe, and we fully protect and encrypt your data. Click here to find out more about our telemedicine options.

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You don’t have to tolerate severe and chronic pain. Take your life back…let Corda Pain Institute be your Egg Harbor Township pain management doctors. Call us at (856) 740-4888, or click here to schedule your appointment online. We’ll help you to feel better, and live your life the way you should!