Evesham Township Pain Management Doctors

The professionals at the Corda Pain Institute are here for you when you are searching for Evesham Township pain management doctors. We’re located just a short drive away from you in Cherry Hill, and we offer safe and minimally invasive treatments for your chronic neck pain, back pain, or injuries. Our physicians have been serving the South Jersey region now for 35 years, and we are proven and trusted leaders in the field of pain management and addiction avoidance. We can help you overcome your pain and live your life again.

Our Evesham Township Pain Management Services

The doctors at Corda Pain Institute offer multiple pain treatment options for Evesham Township residents, including:

Facet Injections. In many cases, back pain can be traced to the facet joint located between the vertebrae in the back. A facet joint injection helps to pinpoint the source of back pain, and treat the problem effectively. During a facet joint injection, we use local and safe anesthetics to keep our patients comfortable.

Spinal Cord Stimulation. Spinal cord stimulation is an effective modern technique that uses electrodes to interfere with pain signals in the spinal column. You can try spinal cord stimulation on a temporary basis, and if you’re happy with the results, we can fully implant the device.

Nerve Block Epidural Injections. In the epidural cavity are nerves that can become inflamed and cause severe pain. With a steroid solution injection in the inflamed region, we can help to decrease the pain and promote healing. With this procedure, we can use a local or full anesthesia.

Medical Pain Management. When back or injury pain is so severe that injections or stimulation aren’t effective, a narcotic treatment may be necessary. Your health is always our top concern; we fully explain the risks to you, discuss any alternatives, and use the lowest dosages possible.

Our office can also assist you with medical marijuana treatments, including acquiring cards, and we offer safe and effective stem cell treatments as well.

It’s time for you to get back to your pain free life. Let the Corda Pain Institute be your choice for Evesham Township pain management doctors. We’re ready to help you overcome your injuries and chronic pain…request an appointment today to get started.