Linwood Pain Management Doctors

When you’re continually struggling with back or neck pain, to the point where it’s blocking your being productive or enjoying life, contact the professionals at the Corda Pain Institute. We are located in Somers Point along U.S. Route 9…and we’re your convenient destination for established Linwood pain management doctors. We’ll help diagnose the true cause of your pain, and offer you a variety of solutions to help you enjoy your life again.

The Corda Pain Institute’s doctors have been helping residents throughout New Jersey overcome chronic pain for over 35 years. Our doctors are all established experts when it comes to treating multiple types of pain. When you visit our facility, we’ll help you pinpoint the reasons for your pain. We’ll then fully discuss all of your treatment options with you, whether you prefer a more conventional approach or are willing to try a modern and advanced treatment.

Make an appointment with us if you are struggling with severe back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or injuries from a vehicle or workplace accident. We offer multiple ways to help you overcome the pain, including facet injections, spinal cord stimulation, and medicinal pain management. We also make your safety and health our #1 priority. Our doctors make sure that you are completely aware of any risks of addiction, and that you are receiving the smallest dosage possible.

Our Somers Point location is just minutes away from you. But we understand that you might have difficulty making the trip. That’s why we offer telemedicine appointments too. Our remote appointments are completely safe, and we encrypt and protect your data. Click here to see how to use our telemedicine option.

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Stop tolerating your chronic pain and take back your life. Contact the Linwood pain management doctors at the Corda Pain Institute today. Click here to set up an appointment, or call us anytime at (856) 740-4888. We’re here to help you overcome your pain and enjoy your life again.