Merchantville Pain Management Doctors

The Corda Pain Institute is a conveniently located and effective choice when you need Merchantville pain management doctors. Our Cherry Hill facility is located just a short drive away, and we are local leaders in modern, non-invasive pain management techniques. Our commitment each day is serving our patients with thorough diagnostics and multiple treatment options, and to providing you with better patient care and quality of life.

Our pain management physicians are board-certified, and they are experienced and knowledgeable in anesthesiology, effective medicines and addiction avoidance. We are here to help you overcome your pain and stay healthy over time, and we’ll review all of your treatment options to find what works best for you.

Our Merchantville Pain Management Services

We offer first class pain management for Merchantville residents, and we treat a variety of ailments, including:

Back And Spine Pain. We can help you overcome chronic and severe back pain with facet or epidural injections, medicinal pain management, and other techniques. We can effectively find the root cause of your back pain, and build a treatment plan to help you reclaim your life again.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. We can treat your carpal tunnel symptoms with injection and medical treatments, and we can also help you identify behaviors that cause the symptoms and help you avoid re-occurrences in the future.

Neck Pain. We’ll discuss your neck pain symptoms with you to identify the actual cause of it. From there we can work with you on the best treatment, whether it’s medical pain management, stimulation, or injection therapy.

Auto and Workplace Injuries. We are licensed professionals in the state of New Jersey for treating injuries from car accidents or in the workplace. We can help you overcome your injuries through both surgical and non-surgical treatment, including using regenerative treatments.

Corda Pain Institute takes your references seriously, and we know that you have personal preferences when it comes to your pain management. We will work according to your wishes on your treatment plan and your lifestyle, and help you choose from a more modern or conservative approach as you see fit.

Have you been struggling with pain for too long? Take the first step today towards reclaiming your pain-free life. Contact the Corda Pain Institute today or request an appointment here. Let us be your answer for Merchantville pain management doctors – we’ll help you remember what it’s like to live pain-free!