New Jersey Center for Back and Spine Pain

If you have been struggling with back pain that seems to be getting worse, reach out to us today. Corda Pain Institute is a licensed New Jersey Center for back and spine pain. We provide a variety of pain management treatments and therapies to help you overcome your back pain and live a normal life again.

Back and spine pain has a variety of causes – it could result from degenerated or herniated discs, inflammation of the spinal cord, or lumbar stenosis among other things. Whatever the cause, we know that back pain can be truly debilitating and affect your ability to enjoy your life. In addition, back and spine pain symptoms aren’t likely to go away on their own.

At the Corda Pain Institute, treatments we offer include facet injections, epidural injections, medical pain management, stem cell treatments and more. In our first meeting with you, we’ll help diagnose the cause of your back pain and work with you to decide on the best treatment. Our goal is to help you live a pain-free life again.

If you are experiencing chronic and/or severe back or spine pain, reach out to the Corda Pain Institute today, and schedule an appointment with us for a diagnosis.