Pleasantville Pain Management Doctors

If back or neck pain has taken over your life, or an accident injury has prevented you from enjoying everyday activities, it’s time to reclaim your life again. Let the Corda Pain Institute help…we’re here to be your trusted choice for Pleasantville pain management doctors. From our nearby facility in Somers Point, we treat a variety of pain conditions for residents throughout the region. We are leaders in minimally invasive and innovative treatments, and we can help you overcome your pain and enjoy your life again.

At the Corda Pain Institute, we make it our mission with every patient to improve their quality of life. We focus on an effective diagnosis of your pain, and providing safe and effective treatments. Our board-certified physicians are experienced in anesthesiology and pain medications. Most of all, our #1 priority is your health and safety, and we keep your dosages as low as possible to prevent addiction problems.

During your appointment in our Somers Point location, we’ll discuss your symptoms with you and review your medical history. We’ll identify the cause of your pain problems, and we’ll review a variety of treatment methods with you and how they work. We’ll give you the choice of a modern therapy method or a more established, conservative treatment, whichever makes you most comfortable.

If making the trip to our office is difficult for you, we also offer telemedicine options. One of our physicians can meet with you online, in a session that is completely protected and private. (Find out more about telemedicine options here.) Corda Pain Institute accepts most major insurances, including Medicare, and we work to keep your out of pocket costs as low as possible.

Take The First Step With Our Pleasantville Pain Management Doctors Today.

Don’t wait for your chronic pain problem to go away…the problem is likely to only get worse. Let the Corda Pain Institute help you achieve a better quality of life. Call us 24/7 at (856) 740-4888, or schedule an appointment online here. Let us be your choice in Pleasantville pain management doctors – we can help you overcome the pain and reclaim your life.