Port Republic Pain Management Doctors

When you’re living in constant pain, it can literally take over your life. Whether you’re struggling with back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome or injuries from an accident, you undoubtedly have to change things in your everyday routine. At Corda Pain Institute, we can help you reclaim your pain-free life again…we’re your destination when you’re seeking Port Republic pain management doctors. We can diagnose the cause of your pain and offer you the best possible treatment options.

Experienced Regional Pain Management Experts

Our physicians have almost 90 years of combined experience between them, and they have treated patients with a wide variety of symptoms. Corda’s doctors have backgrounds in anesthesia methods, pain treatment injections, and overall holistic wellness. When you visit us, you benefit from our full understanding of pain management techniques, including facet injections, spinal cord stimulation and other methods. If we prescribe a medication, we make you fully aware of the addiction risk, and prescribe the lowest dosage possible.

If you are dealing with chronic pain, do not think that the problem will “just go away”. It won’t…and chances are it will get worse over time. Schedule an appointment with us to treat your back or neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or lingering injuries from a workplace or auto accident. We can effectively get to the root of your pain problem, and discuss all of your treatment options. Corda offers both traditional and modern treatments, and you can choose what works best for you.

We accept most major insurance providers including Medicare, and we do our best to work with your provider and keep your out of pocket costs low. Corda also offers virtual appointments if you cannot physically come to our facility. Our telemedicine options are completely safe; we fully encrypt your data and won’t store your information. Find out more about online appointments here.

Let Us Be Your Port Republic Pain Management Doctors.

Don’t spend your days limiting your life because of your pain. There is a solution. Call our office at (856) 740-4888 today, or click here to schedule an appointment online. We’re happy to be your Port Republic pain management doctors. We’re looking forward to helping you live a pain-free life again!