Williamstown Pain Management Doctors

The Corda Pain Institute is your established choice for Williamstown pain management doctors. We are based right here in town, and we have been providing pain management relief and services to patients throughout the region for over 35 years. We offer advanced and non-invasive pain treatment options, for back pain, neck pain, accident injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and much more.

We will carefully and properly diagnose the cause of your pain, and work with you on the best treatment options. Your health and your living a pain-free lifestyle is our top priority.

Our Williamstown Pain Management Services

We offer multiple pain treatment services for Williamstown area residents, including:

Facet Injections. A facet joint injection is directed at the overlapping joint between your back’s vertebrae; the injection works to stabilize and limit movement in your spine. This injection is a precise method to help you overcome chronic lower back pain. A facet joint injection combined with an exercise program can help you fully regain your movement and function.

Spinal Cord Stimulation. If you are suffering from back pain related to a spinal cord problem, we can implant a temporary electrode device that can interfere with pain signals and disrupt the pain. Should this be successful on a trial basis, we can implant the device surgically for a more permanent solution.

Nerve Blocking and Epidural Injections. In your epidural cavity are nerves that can create a great deal of pain if they become inflamed. We can provide an epidural injection into the cavity that relieves the inflammation and lessens the pain. Our epidural procedure can be done using full or local anesthesia, and is safe and effective.

Pain Management Medicine. If your pain is at the point where a narcotic medication is required, we ensure that you are being given the minimum dosage necessary and that your dosage is safe. We will carefully discuss all of the risks with you, and do everything we can to protect your health.

Corda Pain Institute offers all these services and more to help you live a pain-free lifestyle again, while taking every measure to protect your long term health. We also offer telemedicine options; if making a physical visit is difficult for you, find out more here.

Let Corda Pain Institute be the answer to your search for Williamstown pain management doctors. Contact us here to make an appointment, and get started on the road to overcoming your pain, and living the life you deserve again.

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