Winslow Township Pain Management Doctors

At the Corda Pain Institute in Williamstown, we are your proven and dedicated choice for Winslow Township pain management doctors. We can find your source of pain and diagnose the problem, and work with you to find an effective treatment solution. Our staff of physicians are board certified, and have a strong background in anesthesiology, pain medications and addiction avoidance. Your living a pain-free life through safe treatment is our top priority.

In our nearby office in Williamstown, we provide diagnoses and treatments for a number of conditions to Winslow Township residents, including:

Back and Spine Pain. The root of a patient’s back pain can be from a number of causes, such as lumbar stenosis, spinal cord inflammation, or herniated discs. If you have a back pain problem, don’t wait for it to resolve itself…it probably won’t. We will find the cause of your back pain and discuss your treatment options with you, including pain management medications and facet injections, and help you decide what approach will work best.

Neck Pain. We see patients with a variety of neck pain issues, such as spasms, soreness and tightness. If you are dealing with persistent neck pain, contact us. We will go over your symptoms and your medical history with you and find the best possible solution. We offer medical pain management and stimulation procedures, and we’ll discuss the benefits and advantages of each with you.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome involves multiple symptoms like numbness or tingling in hands and fingers, and is often caused by work habits and genetic issues. We’ll help you correct any bad habits that may be causing the problem and overcome the pain.

Vehicular and Workplace Injuries. Corda Pain Institute offers a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments to injury victims, including regenerative treatments and facet injections. If you’ve been in an accident, don’t wait to be examined. You could have an injury that could cause you much worse problems down the road.

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